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About US

EduCom is purely a local company committed in providing excellent computer education and education support services in general. We are also in the business of providing Information Technology Consulting and development services. Though EduCom is a very young company (established in 2000), the staff and the management have been involved in providing computer related training through our very successful training institute since 1997.

EduCom is the owner and the operators of (Iskhandhar School Computer Lab), (Ghiyaasudeen School Computer Lab) and (Velidhoo Computer Lab). Our latest addition to the family is the which provides student support services up to GCE O'level standards.

Computer Career Center is our training institute for the executives and for the fresh graduates from Secondary Schools who are embarking on careers in the private and public sectors.

We are a very enthusiastic and energetic organization striving to deliver the best. We have all the resources, knowledge and most of all, the experience to cater for your every requirement. So keep in touch with us and we promise to enhance your career to become the best.


To achieve excellence in providing a quality service in delivering education support services and to become the leader in delivering specialized training and consultancy in the field of Information Technology.

To ensure that the quality and the content of training, consultancy and educational support services we provide are of the highest standards and to ensure that our clients are provided with high-tech tools and modern resources in providing these services

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