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EduCom Computer Solution & Consultancy

Our computer solutions and consultancy services consists of a pool of resources and a knowledge bank to provide you with the latest concepts and modern technology to give you the best solution and expertise advise.

Our experienced IT personnel will be able to provide you with different alternative solutions you can from which you will be able to choose the one that fits into your budget without much compromise on the quality.

Following are some of the Services we Provide

Office Automation
This is a service where we do a study of all the areas where your company uses IT and analyze the efficiency of computer usage. Based on this analysis we make recommendations on how best IT can be used to make your business more efficient.
We will design and deliver all the training required to bring about these changes.

We develop the software or utility programs to bring about these changes and also provide the training on how to work efficiently within the new system.

System Design & Development
This is a very challenging task, where we design and implement a whole Information System linking all your entities. This could be a simple internal network system to a complicated wide area corporate network connecting remote sites. This project falls into two main phases.

Phases .1. System Analysis

Phase .2. System Development

This project also will contain a training component where all the staff will be given the required training for all the modules of the system, both functional and technical.

Software Development
We have the expertise in designing and developing Client/Server based software. Our software development project includes in depth system analysis and making recommendations to make the information flow smooth and more transparent, thereby giving more control and information to the management in their regular operations of the organization.
The technology can vary from normal windows based software to Web based applications as well.

As we are a firm believer in training, our software development projects include in depth training of the software we develop. In the training package we also build capacity to the level where the relevant staff are given enough training to make their own modifications to the module we develop, thereby making the organization independent.

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